Green Burial

Caring for our deceased, with as little environmental impact as possible, is known as green burial.  This ecologically centered approach helps to conserve natural resources, reduce carbon emissions, and preserve and restore natural habitats.

Green Burial Council
2011 Standards for Funeral Homes

A GBC approved funeral home must define in its general price and makes reference to in any published website its “green” offerings including the sanitation, preservation, and restoration of a decedent without the use of chemicals that are toxic or not biodegradable, including the option of a private visitation.

A provider must also refrain from making any claims in its general price list or on its website or in any waiver/disclosure that might dissuade a consumer from seeking a green funeral.

Each GBC approved funeral home will be given a rating based upon the following additional criteria that is met:

- Provider allows for the families of decedents to have the option of a public viewing
- Provider carries at least three GBC approved/rated burial containers
- Provider accommodates home vigils
- Provider has at least one staff member who has participated in educational training (minimum six hours) approved by the GBC, which covers technical, practical and ethical issues of eco-friendly funeral service
- Provider makes available the sanitation, preservation, and restoration of a decedent with the use of noninvasive techniques/materials (required for a “Three Leaf” Rating)

1 Criterion met earns a “One Leaf” Rating
2-3 Criteria met earns a “Two Leaf” Rating
4-5 Criteria met earns a “Three Leaf” Rating